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Visit our locations in Downtown San Diego!

1031 Market St. San Diego, CA.

(619) 234 3455

703 Union St. San Diego, CA.

(619) 235 9417

1001 Broadway, San Diego, CA.

(619) 228 6847


Free Delivery Service

(619) 925 1599



Dry Cleaning

Same day service, At Olimpica Cleaners we know how to take good care of your clothes.



We know how to give "special treatment" to fabrics or accesories in your home based on washing instructions.


Pickup and Delivery

Free pick up and delivery. Call us and we will pick up and deliver your clothes to the door of your house.


Same Day service

Bring your clothes before 10:00am to any of our stores and it will be ready the same day, you don't have to worry.


Wedding Gowns

We understand the importance of the dress. We want you to have the memory of that date, impeccable, like the dress.


Environmentally Friendly

We are aware that we must take care of the planet, that's why the technology we use is friendly to the environment


Leather and Suede

Your leather garments are high quality items, they require special care to maximize their useful life.



We can make any kind of adjustments, just ask us. We are ready to fix the clothes and make them look good.


Shoe Repair

Full service shoe repair. Leave your running shoes, formal shoes in our hands and they will be like new.

About Us

At Olimpica Cleaners, we know how to take good care of your clothes. The use of technologically advanced cleaning equipment gives us an advantage. This technology allows us to clean clothes with highly efficient and environmentally friendly methods. We are commited to quality of service. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We are commited to quality service, tailoring and much more. We want to provide you with a great service and we hope that you are more than satisfied with the result

Also, we are aware that we must take care of the planet, that is why the technology we use is friendly with the environment. We are aware that small changes can make a big difference.